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  • [] has reached the global website ranking of 12,605th last week among all websites.

We are excited to announce BitMart, a premier global digital asset trading platform, will support Solana based USDT and USDC deposit and withdrawal features starting on June 16, 2021. The deposit feature will start at 10 AM and the withdrawal feature will start at 11 AM EDT.

Solana, an ultra high-speed Layer 1 blockchain, is now one of the fastest-growing blockchains by both market capitalization and volume. The Solana protocol facilitates decentralized app (DApp) creation and aims to improve scalability by introducing a proof-of-history (PoH) consensus combined with the underlying proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus of the blockchain. …

With BTC and ETH’s prices skyrocketed and made new highs multiple times, the cryptocurrency world is undoubtedly embracing a bull market. More and more crypto enthusiasts are joining, including mainstream players, which pushed Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins to make new breakthroughs. As a premier global digital assets trading platform, BitMart, along with the bull market, has also grown to the point that it has so many new achievements to share with its followers. …

Only two months after the cryptocurrency market capitalization exceeded $1 trillion, it doubled itself and made the milestone of $2 trillion in early April, bringing the whole world’s attention to the cryptocurrency market again.

There is no doubt that cryptocurrency is gaining momentum globally, and the crypto world remains an industry full of possibilities. With Bitcoin’s price skyrocketed since last year and the DeFi market fully bloomed, insightful players are unlocking boundless potentials, and this is exactly what BitMart aims to help its users achieve as a premier digital assets trading platform. …

BitMart Exchange, a premier global digital asset trading platform, recently announced to co-host the Next Top Blockchain Startup competition with GDA Capital, a capital markets organization that provides solutions to accredited investors and disruptive technology companies.

The Next Top Blockchain Startup is not only a technology-focused competition but at the same time a community helping to spotlight the next generation of blockchain entrepreneurs. By co-hosting the event, BitMart shows its determination to build the stage for blockchain technology education and its support for the future prosperity of the crypto market.

Find the Next Talent

The Blockchain sector is at a…

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  • [] has reached the global website ranking of 13,003rd last week among all websites.

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  • [] has reached the global website ranking of 13,474th last week among all websites.

BitMart CEO: The Crypto Bull is Still Going Strong in 2021

Last week’s dramatic pullback in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies after a series of unexpected news, from Elon Musk announcing that Tesla no longer accepting Bitcoin for payment to China’s latest move to tighten crypto regulation, have triggered a panic in the crypto community and caused apprehensive emotions towards the market. However, there are several reasons that we can believe the bull market is not over yet.

After a year of going strong, Bitcoin’s market cap has reached a new level, once surpassing over 1 trillion dollars in April. Notably…

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  • [] has reached the global website ranking of 12,806th last week among all websites.

Not many investors would have predicted that cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, or the recent superstar DOGE could surge to records like nowadays. With enthusiasts enjoying the game and mainstream players start shifting their attention, the crypto industry is fully blooming, but the competition just started. As a premier global digital assets trading platform, BitMart has quickly gained a solid reputation and strong competitiveness by serving the most satisfactory service for both our users and clients.

At present, BitMart has included over 400 digital assets among the most popular categories in the crypto market. With more than 440 trading pairs…

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