Become a BitMart Star. Ignite the Cryptocurrency Galaxy.

Dear BitMart Users,

We are excited to launch the “BitMart Galaxy Program”. The application is now open!

🌟 What is BitMart Galaxy Program?

BitMart is a strong believer in community power. There’s nothing more than growing together with our long-term supporters. The BitMart Galaxy Program is designed to expand the global market with the passion from our extraordinary supporters, whom we call “BitMart Stars”.

Being recognized as a BitMart Star is an exceptional reward. In alignment with BitMart’s vision to establish a strong brand across the globe, BitMart Stars will pivot towards a bridge between BitMart and the communities, accelerating the success of BitMart’s global expansion.

🌟 What are the requirements of a BitMart Star?

As a BitMart Star, you will be the stepstone to fulfill the gap between BitMart and the communities, to be more specific, you are willing to support in the following ways:

  1. Acquire new users through online and offline channels, teach new users how to use BitMart platform.

🌟 What are the selection criteria for BitMart Stars?

  1. Abundant connections and resources, well-connected in the blockchain industry.

🌟 What are the benefits of becoming a BitMart Star?

  1. Base compensation up to $10,000 USD per month.

🚀 Submit your application:

⏬ Download the Galaxy Proposal:

There are countless stars shining throughout the galaxy. Concurrently, we believe with each BitMart Star shimmering around all corners of the world, BitMart will ignite the entire cryptocurrency galaxy in light.

BitMart Team

January 14, 2019

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