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2 min readJun 27, 2022


Feeling left out because you didn’t get to attend NFT.NYC?

Instead of wrestling with FOMO, take a positive step with BitMart and listen to a webinar we recently hosted with NFT Era!

Educational, entertaining, and timely! What could be better?

This NFT Global Summit was a digital collaboration to showcase some of the latest Metaverse, NFT, and digital art projects in the space. It was also another opportunity for us to tell the world that BitMart’s NFT Marketplace is now LIVE!

Since NFTs appear most often in the form of digital art in the Metaverse, this is broadening the scope of the arts: people’s way of visiting artwork has changed from entering galleries to browsing on the internet. NFTs have innovated past traditional art with their uniqueness and unforgeability and may become the mainstream way of displaying art in the future.

The guest list for the webinar. What a roster!

The summit gathered blockchain experts and scholars, investors, project leaders, and partners to support experts in the fields of online art, music, entertainment, Web3.0, etc.

This webinar contains:

  • Deep discussion: Going beyond “NFT basics”
  • Specification: Getting down the details of industry trends
  • Authoritative: Reports and opinions from those working in the industry
  • Genuine knowledge: the more you know, the more you grow!

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About NFT Era

NFT Era focuses on the exploration of NFTs and the Metaverse and pursues professional, comprehensive, and accurate information and data. It has established cooperation with nearly 100 investors, project parties, and community media and is the world’s leading NFT information service platform for enthusiasts.

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