Massive Launch of BitMart Exchange in February

Global cryptocurrency liquidity provider aims to become the NASDAQ of digital assets

BitMart today announced a February launch for, a fast, secure, stable, and scalable platform for trading and investing in cryptocurrencies across multiple platforms with a single click.

“BitMart aims to be the NASDAQ of the blockchain asset industry,” said Sheldon Xia, cofounder and CEO of BitMart. “BitMart’s globally integrated cryptocurrency trading platform provides safe and reliable real time transactions for the ten million private and institutional investors that make up the current global secondary liquidity market.

BitMart is spending over $1 million on launch advertising and promotion, with a billboard video appearing on screens in New York City’s Times Square on February, and ads running on CCN, CNBC, and Coindesk. The 34 city BitMart road show includes stops already completed in New York City, Boston, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Wenzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Xiamen, Delhi, and Moscow. The next stop is Tokyo.

Mr. Xia went on to say “BitMart’s development and management teams have broad and deep experience in productization of blockchain technology in markets as diverse as the United States, Europe, Singapore, and China. BitMart has numerous partners at financial institutions, venture capital firms, investment funds, media, and virtual currency mining fields and pools. This all lays a solid foundation for the future business development of the BitMart platform. Everyone here believes that BitMart will become the largest liquidity provider of digital assets in the world.”

BitMart features a best-of-class cryptocurrency spot trading tool in addition to tools for future contract trading, OTC trading, whole-network trading, and decentralized trading. At launch BitMart will offer ten cryptocoins for trade, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash.

BitMart’s blockchain nodes apply cold/hot wallet technology, with NetGap technology being used by the hot wallet. Secret key and address operations are optimized according to the features of the blockchain so as to ensure user asset security.

BitMart is very fast. It uses Kubernetes scheduling and Google Spanner and BigTable distributed computing. BitMart can automatically scale load capacity for simultaneous smooth online operation of tens of millions of users, with platform processing speeds of around one million orders per second.

During the next year, BitMart will set up offices and meetup communities in America, Europe, South Asia and Australia to develop differentiated products and formulate specific marketing strategies for each market. BitMart is working with major digital currency agents and dealers to distribute large scale airdrops and a $2,000,000 candy box. You can go to and get 20 free BMX tokens just for registering. Join the excitement and follow the action by registering at now.

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BitMart is a leading platform for blockchain assets. There’s never been a better way to exchange.

BitMart Road Map
July 2017: BitMart conducted market research to verify technical and market feasibility.
September 2017: BitMart conducted market research, set up the project team, obtained project approval, and developed products.
October 2017: Bitmart built and tested platform models and received early investments.
November 2017: BitMart published project White Paper and started Token Public Offering scheme.
December 2017: BitMart officially sold tokens publically in the community.
January 2018: BitMart completed the fund-raising work and issued tokens.
February 2018: BitMart will launch the platform online and start official transactions.

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Company Name: BitMart

Contact Person: Sheldon Xia


Address: 23 Lime Tree Bay Avenue, Grand Cayman KY1–1110, Cayman Islands

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A Globally Integrated Digital Asset Trading Platform

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