Bitmart NFT Marketplace Gives MAYG Game NFTs Exclusive Initial Launch

Peeking Duck Studios is doing an exclusive initial 500 MAYG game NFT launch on Bitmart’s new NFT Marketplace, which has been live since June 6.

My Angry Yakuza Girlfriend (MAYG) will launch in Q4 of 2022 as a 3D turn-based strategy shooter play-to-earn game. This initial launch is part of the 10,000 MAYG “Hermes Princess NFT Collection.” Each MAYG Hermes Princess NFT will allow access to the MAYG game and the right to mint 12 additional supporting NFTs as part of an innovative in-game guild system.

Web3 games represent a clear NFT utility through direct ownership of essential game assets. MAYG adds additional value through its art, design, and brand IP that is shared by the community. The game is based on a stylized ’90s Ginza district, Tokyo design, with a focus on sophisticated urban luxury.

MAYG is the first game produced by Peeking Duck Studios, based out of NYC and Vancouver and headed by industry veterans in video games, real money gaming, and fintech development.

“MAYG is excited to launch on the Bitmart NFT marketplace. As a leader in the regulated crypto exchange industry, along with their strong community support, we were honored to have a chance to work with Bitmart and their team,” said Sinjin Jung, the founder and lead game designer at Peeking Duck Studios.

“We are excited to have MAYG NFTs showcased on our new NFT platform,” said Niki Gao, Head of Bitmart’s NFT Marketplace. “It is clear that gaming NFTs are a leading use case in the Web3 space.”

The initial drop will be on June 28 on the Bitmart NFT Marketplace. Those interested in getting on the initial whitelist for the launch can join MAYG’s Discord or visit directly.

About Peeking Duck Studios

Peeking Duck Studios is a Web3 gaming studio with 30 staff worldwide with offices in Vancouver and NYC. Currently developing three games, My Angry Yakuza Girlfriend MAYG, represents their first title. Peeking Duck Studios comprises serious pioneers in video game development, real money gaming, and fintech. Visit us at to find out more.

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