BitMart Response to Security Breach

BitMart Exchange
1 min readDec 7, 2021

On December 4, 2021, at approximately 6:30 pm EST, BitMart identified a security breach related to two of its hot wallets. Within moments, a security response was activated, with multiple systems shut down procedurally to prevent additional losses, including account withdrawals and the trading of certain pairs.

In concert with leading firms worldwide, a comprehensive security review and investigation was enacted and remains ongoing. Findings thus far indicate that the breach affected two hot wallets: one BSC wallet and one ETH wallet. Based on initial investigation, it appears that approximately $200 million in digital assets were removed by a malicious actor who had gained access to critical private keys.

Since the breach, BitMart has begun extraordinary efforts to ensure the lasting security of its customers and their funds.

While the investigation continues and additional security measures are implemented, BitMart has committed to exhausting all feasible options for supporting users’ withdrawal requests. Features are expected to be activated systematically in the coming days.

More information, including a schedule of features to be reactivated, will be provided by the BitMart team as soon as possible.