BitMart Takes Action to Increase Security and Bolster Defenses

BitMart Exchange
2 min readDec 9, 2021

Within moments after the security breach was identified, BitMart took immediate actions to shut down multiple systems to limit immediate threats. Concurrently, we commenced a thorough investigation of all our systems and processes to identify and eliminate potential risks. This enabled us to strengthen our security posture to shut out the perpetrators.

As part of our broader security operations, we also replaced all token deposit addresses including BTC, ETH, SOL, and all other tokens. As such, we strongly encourage all users to log into their account and verify the new deposit addresses prior to initiating any deposits.

In addition to these new measures, our internal security teams have continued their round-the-clock efforts to investigate the cause of the breach, and to identify those responsible. We are also working with cybersecurity specialists to bolster our ongoing efforts to track the hackers and to strengthen our defenses against any future attack.

We have been in contact with law enforcement agencies and are working in collaboration with other cryptocurrency platforms, as they share our goal of mitigating the risk of attack from nefarious activities. Though we may have been the most recent victim of a large-scale attack, we are not alone in facing these threats. We are working with our ecosystem partners to put every available resource toward thwarting future unlawful actions against cryptocurrency holders, platforms and our communities.

We are grateful that our community of users, partners, friends, and project teams have continued to trust and stand with us during this time. We will maintain our tireless efforts to resume operations as quickly as possible, and we appreciate your patience and understanding.