BitMart Takes Broadway at NFT.NYC

Fresh off the heels of a Consensus 2022 appearance, BitMart and our new NFT Marketplace were showcased at NFT.NYC, an event many fans consider the “Super Bowl” of NFTs.

Front and center with lots of amazing brands!

All across the greatest city in the world, lovers and creators of NFTs exchanged ideas, business cards, and hope for the future.

BitMart’s own Victoria Feng took the stage at the legendary Town Hall and gave a keynote address on the final day. Feng discussed the growth of NFTs not only as a product but their global adoption as a new way to bank and experience the increasingly digital world we have around us.

Victoria Feng led a panel focused on NFTs that you can watch below! (Photo by Matt Ryan)

Later, Feng led a panel of NFT community experts featuring Daniel Charpentier (Kreechures LLC, Founder at Gamemaster), Brent Bushnell (Chairman/Co-Founder of Two Bit Circus), and Alex Salnikov (Co-Founder/Head of Product at Rarible).

“Right now, we’re replicating things we’re seeing today,” Dan Charpentier, the founder of Kreechures LLC, said during Wednesday’s The Rise of NFT Utility in Building Digital Communities panel.

The full video of the panel from NFT.NYC (Video by Matt Ryan)

“In the beginning of the internet, it was like, ‘oh, I can put my recipes on the internet,’ right? I can listen to music on the internet. It’s like you’re replicating the radio…I think we’re in that phase… And I think most of us are still figuring out what is the next thing that really takes us to 2.0.”

And while the quest for NFT 2.0 continues, NFT.NYC provided a Comic Con type of atmosphere that left attendees with one foot in the digital world and another in the physical. From panels across midtown Manhattan to vast convention spaces inside the iconic Marriot Marquis, steps away from Times Square, a variety of players across the Metaverse space engaged prospective users, investors, partners, and those who are “NFT curious” with what they have to offer an increasingly digital (and perhaps non-fungible) society.

NFT.NYC embraced the last three letters of its name, highlighting the nightlife New York City is famous for. Onlookers were greeted with performances such as DJ sets featuring Questlove? of The Roots, LCD SoundSystem and HAIM presented by Bored Ape Yacht Club, obviously along the water on Manhattan’s Pier 17.

When asked about the market, Bushnell told Feng, “it doesn’t bother me at all. If you’re building, you believe in the long term. It’s the mental models that we’re excited about. So much of this stuff is still in flux, and all of the up and down is just going to be noise… It feels like the late ’90s before we had Netflix streaming, Uber, Airbnb, all these things you use every single day, and then we’re at that point. So all that stuff… that we’re gonna use every single day and not even use the word NFT, that’s a decade (from now).”

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