BitMart Takes the (De)Centralized Stage at DCentral Miami

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3 min readNov 30, 2022

Conversations, camaraderie, and crypto conferences are what BitMart’s been focusing on for the last couple of months, and November has been no exception!

Only too happy to jet over to the Sunshine State, BitMart was overjoyed to participate in the Miami Web3 Summit and the DCentral Miami Conference these last few days.

BitMart’s VP of BD, Victoria Feng, led a panel of diverse industry representatives

DCentral Miami was fascinating because BitMart took center stage to help educate conferencegoers about the future of NFT development. On November 29 at 2:30 PM, BitMart’s Vice President of Business Development, Victoria Feng, led a panel of four leading industry representatives from diverse sectors:

Annie Yi — Ambassador for NFT project Theirservse and award-winning actress and musician

Connie Lam — Senior Director of Engineering at CertiK

Wilfred Daye — CEO of Securitize Capital

Wei Shen — Director of Business Development at Nano Labs

A riveting experience focused on the future of NFTs and was packed with insider knowledge; this high-energy conversation focused on how the industry could promote consumer engagement, loyalty, diversification, and new experiences as it continues to mature.

Annie Yi spoke on the metrics to look out for when keeping people engaged with an NFT community and entering the Web3 space, especially younger generations:

“Those who are following Theirsverse are not in it to buy and sell; they want to follow you on a journey,” Yi explained.

Connie Lam followed by elaborating on the differences between a token audit and a smart contract. Wilfred Daye and Wei Shen also talked in-depth about the use cases and products that venture capitalists are looking for in the NFT space.

The panel then came to an exciting close, with all participants being asked how the industry could positively impact NFT creators and their communities and giving their heartfelt opinions.

BitMart’s Victoria Feng with Annie Yi, Connie Lam, Wei Shen, and Wilfred Daye

Even with the NFT market being stagnant and going through its own “hibernation” period of sorts during this “crypto winter,” Feng offered a beacon of hope to audience members about the value that people behind projects can always provide, no matter the market conditions:

“Although the NFT space gets a lot of flack, it continues to expand by offering products with utility, use case, and mainstream appeal. As adoption grows and consumers continually demand more from the digital asset space, creators and industry players should focus on improving the sole metric everyone wants to be non-fungible: an amazing NFT experience!”

If you didn’t make it to Miami, don’t worry! BitMart isn’t slowing down anytime soon, and you’ll be able to catch us at the Future of Crypto on December 7 in NYC.

Until then, make sure you follow BitMart on Twitter, chime into the Telegram group for your region, or give a shoutout on Facebook. If you’re more into Discord or Reddit, you can find BitMart there as well.

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