BitMart Weekly Report [07/09/2018–07/15/2018]

Website Ranking

  • had a global rank of 131,987th this week among all websites.

Trading Volume

  • Highest 24 Hour Trading Volume:16.08 million USD.


  • Launched NEO withdraw and EFX withdraw.
  • Optimized Google Authentication feature.
  • Optimized wallet module.
  • Optimized deposit and withdraw module.
  • Optimized high concurrent cache.

Marketing Operation

  • Listed Brickblock (BBK), Hydro (HYDRO) and DPSChain (DPST) and added BBK/BTC, BBK/ETH, HYDRO/BTC, HYDRO/ETH, DPST/BTC and DPST/ETH pairs.
  • Propagandized the new listings and trading competition.
  • Discussed exchange cooperation with related organizations.
  • Updated SEM events and advertising channels.

Business Development

  • On July 9, a seminar on cryptocurrency prospects co-sponsored by Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) and Block Pulse 360 was held at the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business in New York. Nearly 100 professionals from the Greater New York area attended the conference, including Wall Street Quantitative Hedge Fund Managers, Investment Bank Analysts, and Private Equity Investors. During the seminar, the founder and CEO of BitMart, Sheldon Xia, as the main sharer, introduced his stories with the blockchain and his understanding and expectations of the current industry development.
  • BitMart token BMX is listed in CoinMarketCap now.

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