BitMart Weekly Report [07/30/2018–08/05/2018]

Website Ranking:

Trading Volume:


  • Awarded prizes for the EFX Trading Competitions.
  • Optimized and improved functions on the new homepage for the web version.
  • Continued function-development for Andriod and iOS mobile applications.
  • Completed the first phase of the development test for the new matching system.
  • Third party authorization and development of OAUTH.
  • Opened BitMart’s API to the public.

Marketing Operation:

  • Promoted new listing projects AISI and OAS.
  • Listed AISI Ecosystem FOF (AEF), Mimibit Coin (MMC), Water Block Chain (WBC) and added AEF/BTC, AEF/ETH, AEF/USDT, MMC/BTC, MMC/ETH, WBC/BTC, WBC/ETH pairs.
  • Established marketing partnerships with relevant agencies and institutes in Vietnam, Japan, Korea, and Russia.

Business Development:

  • BitMart has become one of the supernodes and the masternode in North America for AISI.Fund, the first tokenized fund in the world. BitMart and AISI are looking forward to working together to build community consensus across the blockchain industry.
  • BitMart Exchange kicked off the official launch of Mission X: The Community Listing Market, a new program that will spark innovation for the blockchain industry with 22 projects joined and 14 already qualified for listing by August 6.

Social Media:

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