BitMart Weekly Report [08/27/2018–09/02/2018]

Website Ranking:

Trading Volume:


  • Launched phase 3 for Android and iOS mobile applications.
  • WS optimized and tested.
  • Completed functions optimization and updates for KYC.
  • Developed Wallet Module Refactoring.
  • Main network docking with VeChain and XRP.
  • Launched the new notifications center, launched the new asset webpage, and updated multi-language webpages for the official website.
  • Continued developing and optimizing BitMart’s public API.

Marketing Operation:

  • Organized and prepared new promotions and campaigns for the Mid-Autumn Festival.
  • Media and technical docking with MoneyToken.
  • Business cooperation with projects such as ALT, APIS, and CHE etc.
  • Continued business contact with Korean projects such as RookieCoin, GBM, APIS, and Carry.
  • Prepared the attendance of the 2018 Silicon Valley Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum.
  • Continued further marketing cooperations with relevant individuals, agencies and institutes in Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Russia, and Turkey.

Business Development:

Social Media:

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