BitMart Weekly Report [09/17/2018–09/23/2018]

Website Ranking:

Trading Volume:

  • Highest rank of 19th this week among all exchanges at


  • Developed the management station.
  • Developed, technical docked and tested the ATP voting.
  • Launched the main network of XRP and completed the testing for BCH.
  • Optimized wallet architecture.
  • Front-end functions optimizations: added assets ranking and order price limitation, optimized bottom column, etc.
  • Continued the development of new listing projects.

Marketing Operation:

  • Communities promotion and maintenance for new listing projects such as TIC.
  • Listed Crypto Harbor Exchange (CHE) and XRP (XRP) with new trading pairs: CHE/BTC, CHE/ETH, XRP/BTC, and XRP/ETH.
  • Promoted the new listing coin and the trading competition.
  • Continued business contact with projects such as Menlo One, Genexi, and Darico etc.
  • Prepared the attendance for the 2018 Silicon Valley Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum.
  • Prepare the business contact with projects for the 4th Round of “Vote for Your Coin”.
  • Continued further marketing cooperations with relevant individuals, agencies and institutes in Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Russia, Turkey, and Nigeria.

Business Development:

Social Media:

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