BitMart Weekly Report [09/24/2018–09/30/2018]

Website Ranking:

  • had a global rank of 98,930th this week among all websites. It is the first time for to step into the global top 100,000.

Trading Volume:

  • Highest 24 Hour Trading Volume: $89 million USD.
  • Highest rank of 23rd this week among all exchanges at


  • Launched the “Vote for Your Coin — Round 4” Campaign.
  • Completed the main network docking for WOC and TSC.
  • Continued optimizations for the wallet architecture.
  • Android and iOS app functions optimizations: add new notifications push function etc.
  • Web version functions optimizations: launched new withdrawal webpage.
  • Continued the development of new listing projects.
  • Continued functions development and testing for SimpleX Credit Card.

Marketing Operation:

  • Daily operation of social media, forums, and communities.
  • Communities promotion for participating projects in the “Vote for Your Coin — Round 4”.
  • Listed WABnetwork (WAB), WOCHAIN (WOC), Time Space Chain (TSC), and BitDegree (BDG) with new trading pairs: WAB/BTC, WAB/ETH, WOC/BTC, WOC/ETH, WOC/UDST, TSC/USDT, BDG/BTC, and BDG/ETH.
  • Promoted the new listing coins and the trading competitions.
  • Continued business contact with projects such as Asobimo, Menlo One, and Lexit etc.
  • Prepared the attendance for the 2018 Silicon Valley Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum.
  • Continued further marketing cooperations with relevant individuals, agencies and institutes in Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Russia, Turkey, and Nigeria.

Business Development:

  • Last week, BitMart announced its “Vote for Your Coin — Round 4” campaign. This time, BitMart is cooperating with Atlas Protocol (ATP) to create a new voting campaign utilizing blockchain interaction. 10 projects have been selected among hundreds of projects to participate in this campaign. As before, the winner will be listed on BitMart Exchange without any listing fee.
  • On September 29th to 30th, BitMart Exchange Founder and CEO Sheldon Xia attended and spoke at the 2018 Silicon Valley Innovation & Entrepreneur Forum hosted by The SVIEF in San Francisco, California. In the Blockchain Investment and Application Cases panel, Sheldon shared some valuable industrial insights about the future changes and trends of the financial industry and market pattern under the global environment of blockchain and technological innovation. In addition, BitMart was honored to win the 8th SVIEF Innovation Award, which has been awarded at the ceremony.

Social Media:

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