BitMart Weekly Report [10/08/2018–10/14/2018]

Website Ranking:

Trading Volume:

  • The highest rank of 15th this week among all exchanges at


  • Completed several functions optimization and development of frontend and backend.
  • Completed several functions developments of Android and iOS application, eg: News push feature.
  • Continued the development of new listing projects.
  • Updated order accuracy for all trading pairs.
  • Launched buy cryptocurrency with credit or debit card powered by Simplex.

Marketing Operation:

  • Launched Halloween Campaign “Trick or Treat”.
  • Continued business contact with projects such as Lexit and Color etc.
  • Coordinated the winners of “Vote for Your Coin — Round 4” — METM and CV for listing.
  • Continued further marketing cooperations with relevant individuals, agencies and institutes in Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Russia, Turkey, and Nigeria.

Business Development:

  • The opening ceremony of BitMart Hong Kong office was also successfully held at the summit. Yuen Wong, Head of Communications (HK) of Global Blockchain Fund Alliance (GBFA) was appointed as Head of BitMart Hong Kong Office. Other team members included Rex Wong, Chairman of HKBIA, Jeffrey Chu, former certified Digital Marketing Trainer of Google Hong Kong, and Jingyuan Ye, former CEO of PPS International (Holdings) Ltd.“The establishment of BitMart Hong Kong office symbolizes a milestone in our efforts to expand into global markets,” said Sheldon Xia, “Hong Kong has long been a major port and global financial hub. By opening a new office in this world financial center, BitMart aims to develop the Great Bay Area and further drive the business growth in Southeast Asia.” According to Sheldon, in the future, BitMart Hong Kong Office will be in charge of the user acquisition and marketing promotion in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Guangdong province of China, laying a solid foundation for BitMart’s global expansion strategies.

Social Media:

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