BitMart Exchange

Oct 18, 2021

2 min read

BitMart Weekly Report [10/11/2021–10/17/2021]

Global Achievement:

  • [] has reached the global website ranking of 6,623rd last week among all websites.
  • Highest 24-hour trading volume achieved: $1.88 Billion.

Product & Marketing Updates:

Listed NAOS Finance (NAOS),Vabble (VAB), Berith Coin(BERS), KList Protocol (LIST), Kollect (KOL), Falcon Swaps (FLNS), Yield Guild Games (YGG), Dogecoin 2.0 (DOGE2), BinStarter (BSR), Green Climate World (WGC), Zeptagram (ZPTC), Annex Finance (ANN), Ulti Arena (ULTI), (DAOVC), Wrapped TON Crystal (WTON), HurricaneSwap (HCT) with trading pairs added:

Announced multiple promotions for new listing projects:

Latest News:

Incoming new listings: