BitMart Weekly Report [10/18/2021–10/24/2021]

Global Achievement:

  • [] has reached the global website ranking of 5,908th last week among all websites.
  • Highest 24-hour trading volume achieved: $2.03 Billion.
  • Highest ranking achieved among all exchanges on CoinGecko: №14.

Product & Marketing Updates:

Listed Fit&Beat (FTB), CORE MultiChain (CMCX), StackOS (STACK), Half Pizza (PIZA), Coop Network (GMD), Meliora (MORA), Monsta Infinite (MONI), Taboo Token (TABOO), Locus Chain (LOCUS), DogeBull (DOGEBULL), SolDate (DATE), StormX (STMX), Moon Rabbit (AAA), Dimitra (DMTR), Defi Connect (DFC), PlanetWatch (PLANETS), Base Reward Token (BASEREWARD) with trading pairs added:

Held BitMart Earn Limited promotion

Announced multiple promotions for new listing projects:

Latest News:

Incoming new listings:




The Most Trusted Cryptocurrency Trading Platform.

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BitMart Exchange

BitMart Exchange

The Most Trusted Cryptocurrency Trading Platform.

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