BitMart Weekly Report [10/22/2018–10/28/2018]

Website Ranking:

  • had a global rank of 96,706th this week among all websites.

Trading Volume:

  • Highest 24 Hour Trading Volume: 161 million USD.
  • Highest rank of 8th this week among all exchanges at


  • Upgraded to a new matching system.
  • Continued updating the deposit and withdrawal functions for ZCash Fork and BCH.
  • Technical docking with GXS, and ATP.
  • Continued the development of new listing projects.
  • Developed new functions for the webpage including the novice guidance page, and price reminder function etc.

Marketing Operation:

  • Daily operation of social media, forums, and communities.
  • Finishing BitMart’s time-limited Halloween Campaign “Trick or Treat”.
  • Listed carVertical (cV), Menlo One (ONE), MSG (MSG), and Berith (BRT) with new trading pairs: cV/BTC, cV/ETH, ONE/BTC, ONE/ETH, MSG/BTC, MSG/ETH, BRT/BTC, BRT/ETH, and BRT/USDT.
  • Promoted the new listing coins and the trading competitions.
  • Continued business contact with projects such as Hoqu, Qnect, and ABBC etc.
  • Completed the questionnaire survey for partial registered and trading users.
  • Prepare and business contact with projects for the 5th Round of “Vote for Your Coin”.
  • Continued further marketing cooperations with relevant individuals, agencies and institutes in Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Russia, Turkey, and Nigeria.

Business Development:

  • BitRun Hackathon, co-hosted and supported by BitMart Exchange, a premier global digital asset trading platform, was officially launched on October 26, 2018 in Changning, Shanghai. The competition brought together hundreds of blockchain enthusiasts across the country. A 48-hour crazy hackathon for blockchain enthusiasts and researchers has just begun. Hackathon, the marathon for programming, was born in 1999. It is a technological innovation that was originated in the United States and quickly swept the world. Its essence is for a group of outstanding developers to get together and do what they want in the way they want it. The entire programming process posts almost no limits or directions. Thus it is called “the world’s coolest developer activity.”

Social Media:

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