BitMart Weekly Report [10/26/2020–11/01/2020]

Global Achievement:

  • [] has reached the global website ranking of 6,052nd last week among all websites.
  • Highest 24-hour trading volume achieved: $114 Million.

Product & Marketing Updates:

  • Listed Wootrade Network (WOO), The Sandbox (SAND), with new trading pairs added:
  • To celebrate the listing of SAND, and thank every user’s attention and support in BitMart and The Sandbox, we are giving away a total of giving away 264,000 SAND & 25,000 BMX to all participants in the Halloween TRICK OR TREAT event!
  • BitMart officially announced the recruitment of experts who have in-depth research experience on blockchain technology projects in the area of Cross-chain bridge, Scaling, Layer II, storage, Smart contract wallet, Defi, NFT, and other blockchain-related technical and applicational fields to join the BitMart Listing Committee. >>> Learn more and apply to join: BitMart Listing Committee

Latest News:

  • BitMart will open USDC lending on November 3, 2020. We are offering a 5-day basic financial product in USDC, annualized interest rate up to 6.25%. >>> Learn more
  • WadzPay (WTK) will be listed on BitMart Shooting Star at 3:00 AM on November 5, 2020 (EST). There will be a 24-hour flash sale of WTK with a 30% discount. >>> Learn more.

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