BitMart Exchange

Nov 29, 2021

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BitMart Weekly Report [11/22/2021–11/28/2021]

Global Achievement:

  • [] has reached the global website ranking of 2,793rd last week among all websites.
  • Highest 24-hour trading volume achieved: $1.49 Billion.

Product & Marketing Updates:

Listed Radio Caca (RACA), Shar Pei (SHARPEI), i Money Crypto (IMC), ButterCup (BUCU), Hoff Coin (HOFF), Ardana (DANA),Agricultural Unions (ACU), Aurora (AURORA), Skey Network (SKEY), bloXmove (BLXM), BigDog (BDOG), Boba Network (BOBA), PokerMania Token (POKERMANIA), RichQUACK (QUACK), Shiryo-Inu (SHIRYOINU), Bithashex (BHAX), SIMP Token (SIMP), Baby Lovely Inu (BLOVELY), Chain (CHN), AVNRich (AVN), DeVolution (DEVO), Monsters Clan (MONS), BabyMoonFloki (BMFLOKI) with trading pairs added:

Held Trade with the New API to Share 100,000 BMX promotions.

Announced multiple promotions for new listing projects:

Latest News:

Incoming new listings:

Upcoming Promotions: