BitMart Weekly Report [12/24/2018–12/30/2018]

Website Ranking:

  •’s ranking rose to 84,386th last week among all websites.

Trading Volume:

  • The Highest 24 Hour Trading Volume: 309 million USD.
  • The highest rank among all exchanges on CoinMarketCap: №8


  • Optimized BitMart Labs page and fiat-to-crypto page.
  • Developed BitMart Galaxy Program.
  • Prepared “Vote for Your Coin — Round 6”.
  • OTC front-end development.
  • Designed fiat product.
  • Implemented the new listed projects.

Marketing Operation:

  • Operated our social media channels, forums, and communities on a daily basis.
  • Listed SnapCoin Token (SNPC).
  • Promoted the new listed projects, trading competitions, and strategic partnerships.
  • Developed business relationships with potential projects.
  • Hosted Christmas Wish Public Vote on Twitter.
  • Prepared our ambassador program — The BitMart Galaxy Program.
  • Planned BitMart Users Birth Month promotions.

Business Development:

  • BitMart Completes the 6th Monthly BMX Burn

As stated the “Repurchase Mechanism” in our white paper, BitMart has used 20% of the income earned from trading fees from November 20th to December 19th to repurchase and burn 7,867,711.52606 BMX (approx. $125,883.384417 USD). The Repurchase Mechanism will continue until 500 million BMX are burnt, thus reducing the total supply of BMX. You can check the burn records via the blockchain browser:

Social Media:

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