BitMart Weekly Report [2/8/2021–2/14/2021]

Global Achievement:

  • [] has reached the global website ranking of 3,850th last week among all websites.
  • Highest 24-hour trading volume achieved: $2,807Million.

Product & Marketing Updates:

  1. To celebrate the Chinese New Year, BitMart hosts a Spring Festival Campaign for all users, sharing 10 BTC in multiple activities! Learn More

2. BitMar Futures just turns one! To celebrate the anniversary, we are offering 30,000 USDT rewards to all trading futures at BitMart. Learn More

3. As prices of Bitcoin and Dogecoin skyrocketed through several new highes, we offered FREE TRADING FEES of DOGE, and 1 BTC in prizes for DOGE traders. Learn More

  • Held a Telegram AMA with the CEO of BTUProtocol to introduce BTU at our telegram community. >>> Join BitMartExchange now!
  • BitMart launched our New WebSocket API. Users can subscribe to both the public and the user channels to obtain data, such as market conditions and trading depth. Please find the API Document here.

Latest News:

  • To celebrate KP3RB, we provided 293 KP3RB for users in Welcome Bonus and Twitter Giveaway! >>> Learn More
  • BitMart Exchange announced a strategic partnership on improving the security level of its trading platform with SlowMist Technology, a leading blockchain security consulting company with over 10 years of front-line cybersecurity defense experience. BitMart will join SlowMist’s Security Vulnerability & Cyber Threat Intelligence Bounty Programs, aiming to further protect its global users’ assets security and improve risk management. >>> Learn More
  • BallSwap (BSP) will be listed on BitMart Shooting Star on February 19. BitMart users will be able to purchase BSP within a 24-hour flash sale and get an extra $5 worth of BSP airdrop! >>> Learn More

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