BitMart’s Platform Token BMX Ecosystem Upgrade, BMX has been Listed on KuCoin

BitMart Exchange
2 min readFeb 5, 2024

BitMart, a global leading digital asset trading platform, announced that its native token BMX has been listed on KuCoin. This move aims to further enhance the liquidity and usability of the BMX token and strengthen its value in the overall ecosystem.

In March 2018, the BMX ecosystem was officially launched. Serving as the universal token of the entire ecosystem, BMX has been committed to promoting innovation and development in the global blockchain industry and digital currencies. The initial total supply of BMX is 1 billion, of which 360 million has been burned. The initial issuance price of BMX was $0.13, reaching a high of $0.42. To date, over 800,000 users from the BitMart platform hold BMX. BMX holders can use BMX to pay for transaction fees and enjoy discounts, as well as participate in various BitMart platform activities such as Launchpad and Vote Listing.

Starting from February 2024, the BMX ecosystem will enter a new phase of development. BMX is gradually expanding its token liquidity and will play a more central role in the ecosystem’s wallet, DEX, and other infrastructures. The long-term vision of the BMX ecosystem is to establish a complete ecosystem that encompasses technology, products, and users. In the future, BMX will serve both as a value asset and a utility token. Additionally, the BMX ecosystem will introduce a new Layer 2 solution, where BMX will act as Gas, used for paying transaction fees and running smart contracts, among other costs.

BitMart will also hold exclusive platform activities for BMX and an AMA event with a 20,000 BMX reward on social media. Follow BitMart’s official website and social media to stay updated on the latest BMX developments.