Free Tokens Sound Better Than A Birthday Cake? — BitMart Announces Birth Month Promotions!

Dear BitMart Users,

Thank you for your understanding and support along the way. We know that the birthday is a special day for everyone. To celebrate such special days with you, we are announcing our Birth Month Campaign, hoping to make your birthday more memorable!

I. 🎂 Sign-Up Bonus 🎂

Users who register in their birth month will receive 100 BMX reward (unlock with over 0.05 BTC worth of accumulated transaction volume). Use invitation code: Birthday or invitation link:, then input your birthday through the following link: to receive the reward.

II. 🎁 200 BMX + 30% Off Monthly Trading Fees 🎁

With an accumulated trading volume of over 0.5 BTC, you will receive 200 BMX and 30% off trading fees in your birth month. The trading fees will be refunded back to your account in the form of BMX.

How to receive the reward:

  1. Trade over 0.5 BTC worth of transaction volume during your birth month;
  2. Take a screenshot of your birth month trading history;
  3. Upload the screenshot to Google form:


  1. The trading month should be the same as your registered birth month;
  2. This trading reward is valid for only one month per year;
  3. Make sure you already submitted your birth month. If not, please fill out the following form first:;
  4. We will issue the 200 BMX reward and 30% off trading fees in BMX to your account on the last business day of your birth month.

III. 🎈Earn 50 BMX via Social Media 🎈

What about the other 11 months while you are waiting for the next amazing birthday to come? Here’s something fun and profitable to do:

  1. Post or forward “BitMartian Birth Month” poster on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn using #BitMartBirthMonth #RegisterFor100BMX;
  2. Upload the screenshot or link of the post to this form:;
  3. We will send 50 BMX to qualified users on the last business day of that month.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Participants must have a registered BitMart account to receive the rewards.
  2. Once participants input their birthday to the Google form, the information can’t be changed or edited later.
  3. The frozen BMX rewards will be unlocked when participants complete the required trading volume for each promotion.
  4. Anyone found to use multiple accounts to enter will be ineligible to win.
  5. BitMart reserves all rights to this promotion.

If you have any questions, please email

Thanks again for supporting BitMart!

BitMart Team

January 24, 2019

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