Free Tokens Sound Better Than A Birthday Cake? — BitMart Announces Birth Month Promotions!

Dear BitMart Users,

Thank you for your understanding and support along the way. We know that the birthday is a special day for everyone. To celebrate such special days with you, we are announcing our Birth Month Campaign, hoping to make your birthday more memorable!

I. 🎂 Sign-Up Bonus 🎂

Users who register in their birth month will receive 100 BMX reward (unlock with over 0.05 BTC worth of accumulated transaction volume). Use invitation code: Birthday or invitation link:, then input your birthday through the following link: to receive the reward.

II. 🎁 200 BMX + 30% Off Monthly Trading Fees 🎁

With an accumulated trading volume of over 0.5 BTC, you will receive 200 BMX and 30% off trading fees in your birth month. The trading fees will be refunded back to your account in the form of BMX.

How to receive the reward:

  1. Trade over 0.5 BTC worth of transaction volume during your birth month;


  1. The trading month should be the same as your registered birth month;

III. 🎈Earn 50 BMX via Social Media 🎈

What about the other 11 months while you are waiting for the next amazing birthday to come? Here’s something fun and profitable to do:

  1. Post or forward “BitMartian Birth Month” poster on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn using #BitMartBirthMonth #RegisterFor100BMX;

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Participants must have a registered BitMart account to receive the rewards.

If you have any questions, please email

Thanks again for supporting BitMart!

BitMart Team

January 24, 2019

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