Maximizing Your Crypto Investment in the Recently Bearish Crypto Market

The cryptocurrency market has had a bearish performance over the past few weeks, the seven-day average real Bitcoin trading volume sits at $3.4 billion, the lowest figure since July 2021. A similar look can be found for Ethereum as the bull run from last year suddenly ended this January.

In a low-performance market, you may be hesitant to make moves in the market. But you still have options to earn income if you don’t want to sit back and watch. One of the ways is to maximize your crypto investment through BitMart Earn.

BitMart Earn is a one-stop hub on BitMart where holders can earn interest by storing their cryptocurrencies easily and securely.

To access the hub, users need to visit and click on the “Earn” button on the navigation bar. Once in the hub, users can choose products from the Flexible, Fixed, and Promotions categories and click on the subscribe button in the action panel to confirm. Those who choose flexible products can redeem their cryptos almost instantly, while fixed can only be redeemed on or after the pre-set redemption date. Fixed products yield at a higher rate. Users can redeem their funds by clicking “My Assets” — “Funds History”, choose the flexible savings product (s) they like to redeem, then click on “Redeem”.

Crypto financing through BitMart Earn is simple and rewarding. It follows the same mindset of putting money in the bank and earning interest. With just a few clicks, you wake your cryptos up from your wallet and put them into work to bring more cryptos back to you. Instead of having to look for the fluctuating crypto price, this part of your fund is going to give you an extra set of money at the end of the day.

BitMart Earn offers one of the highest interest rates (flexible savings up to 7% APY, and fixed savings up to 8.5% APY) in the market, users who choose flexible products can redeem their assets anytime and immediately. We have the world’s most flexible crypto earning products with no transfer or redemption fees, and we provide industry-leading security protocols following top financial institution standards.

Find your favorite cryptos, sign up with BitMart, and start trading today!

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